A space for African writers to tell the stories of the continent.

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Who We are

We are lovers of art who believe in the beauty of African stories, those that already exist and those yet to come.

We provide a space for writers and artists from Africa and its Diaspora to tell the stories of the continent and all its people worldwide.

We believe that our cultures, civilizations and experiences—pre-colonial to present— are important and worth preserving, and that is why the stories we share our stories centre the African voice.

Why It Matters

Throughout the history of Africa, storytelling has been the cornerstone of our culture.

The most popular stories of Africa today have been told by those who don't have the interest of the African people in mind. Our goal is to allow Africans to tell their story, their way while embracing the creative process.

Enter Africa, Through It's People

We get stories of the continent from around the world and make them easy to be discovered and cherished.

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